Direct Digital

Direct digital printing is exactly as the title suggests.  A logo is printed directly on a flat surface of a promotional product.

The Direct Digital Printing process offers you the ability to deliver personalised solutions or the creation of custom treatments.  For example, it gives you the ability to apply unique names or introduce unique serial numbers to products.  This avoids the need for spending money on the production of labels and/or nameplates which can come off overtime.

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The Direct Digital Printing solution involves the transfer of ink directly from the print heads of an inkjet machine to the product and can be used to produce both full colour and closely matched spot colour branding on flat or slightly curved surfaces.

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Benefits to Direct Digital Printing:

  • Ideal for printing dark-coloured products as a layer of white ink can be printed under the artwork.
  • Can print variable data including individual names or serial numbers.
  • Dried instantly so products can be shipped immediately.
  • Offers larger print areas on many products and can print very close to the edge of flat products.
  • Only one set up charge is required regardless of the number of print colours

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