Commonly referred to as “Blind” debossing, the debossing process is where a heated custom metal plate is pressed firmly onto a product leaving an impression of the artwork.   Thermo debossing is also available on certain products, using additional heat to create a unique and eye-catching two-tone finish.

The result is a stamped indentation in the same colour as the product.

debossing books

The difference between Debossing and Embossing:

Both branding methods use metal plates to press a logo into a product.  The embossing creates a “raised up” impression of a logo design from the surrounding material, and debossing creates a “recessed” or “pressed down” design into the surrounding material.

Benefits of Debossing:

  •  Higher perceived value than other forms of branding.
  • The branding becomes part of the product and is permanent.
  • The product can be shipped as soon as heat pressing is finished.
  • Certain products can produce a two-tone finish.

debossing leather

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