Sticky Label Printing

By having branded Labels and/or Stickers, Peak Marketing clients can brand virtually anything. Sticky label printing is popular because it’s a versatile method to get your brand on to anything.

sticky label printing hand sanitiser

Peak Marketing customers typically use this method for two reasons:

  • When a client wants to brand products which cannot be branded by our other methods.
  • When a client wants to create easy giveaways for conferences or other events.

The two most common types of sticky label printing are:

  • Custom stickers – ideal for giveaways
  • Custom labels – ideal for mail and packaging (bags and boxes)

sticky label printing house

Digital adhesive labels are used to brand products that cannot be branded with any other method. They are printed with a digital printing press and applied to the product.

Benefits of Sticky Label Printing:

  • Ideal for producing vivid full colour images as well as closely matched spot colour branding.
  • Can print variable data including individual names.
  • Only one set up charge is required regardless of the number of print colours.
  • Edge-to-edge branding can be achieved.
  • Can be cut to custom shapes.

sticky label printing card

Contact us now to see what a customized branding solution can look like for your brand! Our solutions team can be reached on 09 280 3850 or email us at If you email us, a member of the team will respond within 24 hours (during a standard work week).